There are many words that are literally translated from the original language. This article contains spoilers from the latest chapter of the Chinese version comic.

Yan Mo Ge
Chinese 颜漠戈
Pin Yin Yán mò gē
Alias/s Deity Yan
Race Human???
Gender Male
Age  ???
Hair Color Platinum White
Eye Color Red
Love Interest Feng Lian Wan (Official CP)
Friends Feng Lian Wan
BiQing ShénHǔ, nicknamed Xiao Bai (Pet)
Enemies Sang Ran
Professional Status
Occupations N/A
Weapons Spear
Class Close to Deity
Affiliations N/A
Status Inactive
First Appearance Chapter 1

Yan Mo Ge is the official male protagonist of this series. He first appears as an alternate account used by Feng Lian Wan in the "The Summit of Cang Lan". However, after the sacred mask she used to transform into him, "Ying Sha", was broken, he was freed and became his own person.

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His height is 182cm, while weight is 63kg. He has long light blonde hair unlike Xiao Wan and he has a slim figure. He has a pair of red eyes like Xiao Wan. He has down-like-ears that are his hair. He has pale skin that is slightly golden. [1]

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While extremely cold towards others, he has shown to truly care about their wellbeing and often goes out of his way to help them.

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Yan Mo Ge was initially an alternate account used by Feng Lian Wan in "The Summit of Cang Lan". He was the prince charming of many girls while jealous by many men in the game.

In chapter 98, when Lian Wan jumped into the Purgatory Canyon to escape from Sang Ran, the sacred mask, "Ying Sha" was broken to pieces and Mo Ge was freed. It is then revealed that he truly exists and has a contract with Xiao Wan. Afterwards, he saved Lian Wan from death and begins training her to rebuild her body. After Feng Lian Wan completes her training, he dissappears, his purpose complete.

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Yan Mo Ge was one of, if not the most powerful character in the series. Back in "The Summit of Cang Lan", he was the most powerful account in the game and effortlessly defeated entire armies of players.

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