There are many words that are literally translated from the original language. This article contains spoilers from the latest chapter of the Chinese version comic.

Han Ying Zhong
Chinese 寒影重
Pin Yin Hán yǐng zhòng
Alias/s Coffin Face (By Xiao Wan)
Race Human (Terran Monk), Senior/Brother Han
Gender Male
Age 18
Hair Color Blue, gradually becoming darker
Eye Color Blue-grey
Love Interest Feng Lian Wan (Possible)
Friends Feng Lian Wan (Junior)
Ci Ning (Master)
Nu Yan Qing (Admirer/Junior)
Bai Li Kong Cheng (Junior)
Enemies Sang Ran
Su Wei Li
Professional Status
Occupations Terran Monk
Weapons Swords ~ Ice
Class Rebuild-Third Level (筑基三层)
Affiliations Sword Summit Sect
Status Active
First Appearance Chapter 2

Han Ying Zhong is a student from the Sword Summit Sect, he was known as the Genius. He encountered Feng Lian Wan during his mission of receiving the sacred mirror that was stolen by his former junior, Su Wei Li. He accidentally "killed" Xiao Wan, and risks his life to save hers to get the medicine from Elder Mu.

Then he was saved by Xiao Wan as he received the punishment of failing his mission and the wounds he got from the canyon. Ever since then, he began to concern about her very much although he treated her coldly.

Currently, he is poisoned by Sang Ran and now at the brink of life and death.

Appearance Edit

At first look, he is a strong; well-built young man. He has sharp blue-grey eyes and pale, light skin. He is often seen wearing his training robes that are dark blue in colour with red hems and a thick belt with a golden crystal-like object holding it together. He has dark blue hair that gradually gets darker and darker until it becomes black.

Personality Edit

He is unusually cold towards everyone but Xiao Wan (Feng Lian Wan) at first. There are several times that women surround him to look at his handsomeness and admire him for being a prodigy.

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Attacks and Abilities Edit

He is able to use ice abilities that include:

- Multiple Shadow Ice Swords (Throwing several ice-made swords at the opponent)

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